Valley man claims vaping landed him in the hospital with pneumonia

Amidst mounting concerns over the safety of vaping, a Valley man says he recently spent nearly a week in the hospital because of vaping.

Recently, the CDC came out with a new warning after several mysterious deaths are possibly linked to smoking e-cigarettes. The CDC has been warning people to quit or reduce their use of vaping products after more than 450 possible cases of lung-related illness with a link to vaping had been reported, as of last week.

Kyle Levondoski says he believes bacteria from his vaping product landed him in the hospital.

"Smoked cigarettes my whole life, decided to move on it," said Levondoski. "Everyone said the healthier path was the mods."

Levendoski said he made the switch about two months ago, but then he noticed something wrong.

"Went to the hospital for a whole different reason just to come back the next day with pneumonia in  my lungs coughing up clots of bloods"

He was in the hospital for five days, and doctors said his pneumonia was caused by bacteria from chemcials. Levendoski suspects it was the vape juice he was using.

"The chemical obviously would be the e-juice and the stuff in it," said Levendoski.

Levendoski says he wants to get his own warning out there.

"Obviously, they advised me to quit vaping. Stay healthy, not smoke," said Levendoski. "I'm not even looking to smoke cigarettes again or pick up anything."