Valley moms make a statement in viral group breastfeeding photo

August is National Breast Feeding Month and a Valley photographer's annual breastfeeding picture continues to go viral. 

Pictures are memories worth 1,000 words, but for one Valley photographer, capturing the beauty behind the intimacy of motherhood is powerful than any picture. 

A mother herself, photographer Alicia Atkins, began taking the group breastfeeding photo four years ago. 

"I breastfed my daughter until she was almost four and I got a lot of 'feed her in the car, why are you breastfeeding her so long, cover-up, gross,'" said Alicia Atkins. 

Alicia says, she hopes the message within the image spreads positivity to mothers who breastfeed in public.

Now, the group photo has gone viral, and each year the group grows. 

"It started with about 10 moms and it went to 20 then 43 then 48, now we're at 171," says Atkins. 

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(Alicia Atkins)

Mothers featured in the photo say breastfeeding is a mother and her child's right, no matter the time or place. They stand in the picture to represent the confidence all mothers should have to exercise that right. 

"I feel like it brings a lot of women together and shows them that they are able to breastfeed their babies anywhere they want," said Cassandra Fowler, a breastfeeding mother featured in the viral photo. 

"To just know that we're here for them and that it's okay and to not be ashamed of it, just do your thing girl," said Lydia Palomino, a breastfeeding mother featured in the viral photo.