Valley non-profit creates healing, happy space for children

The founder of Room for Joy met with a family for the first time eight weeks ago and has been working on their design ever since.

"She wanted a ballerina room, so she wanted a ballet bar," said Tory Smock, CEO of Room for Joy.

Smock is taking a little girl's vision, a dream really, and turning it into a reality. Over the weekend, a 6-year-old girl's room will be transformed.

"She was born with a condition that, uh, it's an autoimmune digestive disorder, and so was just in the hospital recently," Smock said.

Tory started the non-profit Room for Joy 15 years ago. She spent half her childhood in hospitals after she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Smock has been spreading smiles and creating a comforting space for kids Valley wide.

This is her 50th room. The family is sent away for the weekend and work begins.

The taping of the trim, painting, even the furniture is built entirely by volunteers. Smock says while the children and families are thrilled with the new design, she is the one who finds a Room for Joy.

"It's so rewarding, that's the best part for me is to see their face when they walk in that room and they're surprised and so happy," she said.

Volunteers will work around the clock all weekend until the big reveal, which is set for Sunday at 4 p.m.

Room for Joy