Valley social media influencer receives support from others online during IVF journey

What started out as a hobby for one Valley woman has turned her into a social media influencer.

Snap by snap, post by post, Caitlin Lindquist has been sharing her life since starting her blog six years ago

"I started my blog in 2013, when we were in our third year of law school," said Lindquist. "I just needed a creative outlet. I was buried in books and I wanted to do something for me."

Caitlin Lindquist

Lindquist started her blog, named "Dash of Darling".

"When it started, it was fun," said Lindquist. "What I'm wearing between classes at school, just kind of highlighting my outfits, and as I've evolved, as I've grown, my blog has grown with me."

Little did she know that blogging will soon be her fulltime job. Lindquist garnered quite a following, getting attention from major retailers and even celebrities. She decided to not pursue a career in law, instead focusing all her attention on her growing social media presence and become an influencer.

Nowadays, Lindquist shares her daily life, from vacations to the latest fashions, to her more than 130,000 Instagram followers. There was, however, one thing she wasn't so sure she wanted to open up about: her struggle to get pregnant.

"I shared our journey because I just needed to open up, I just needed to talk about it," said Lindquist. "It's a huge part of our life that we were going through, and like I said, I share our life on my blog. It felt weird to have this like veil over the top of it and not share all of it."

Lindquist didn't shy away from anything during her in-vitro fertilization process, including losing two sets of twins.

"I found support from people, from avenues I never thought," said Lindquist. "I was, like, shocked at how much people were coming at me with their own stories, and it was at a time when not a lot of people were talking about it. It was kind of a taboo subject, unfortunately."

After four years, Lindquist's IVF was successful. She now has Luna and another baby on the way. She says her platform has allowed her to connect with her followers like never before. She calls it a community.

I've become friends with these women that I've never met, and we can be there for each other and help each other get through this, which is really hard to do," said Lindquist. "[It's] very isolating when you go through IVF, so it's been great."

Lindquist says she's loved being able to take her platform as an influencer, and use it to help others.

"I've never had to look back, and I'm really really thankful because I love what I do," said Lindquist.