Valley woman discusses working in auto industry saturated with men

Among the machinery and equipment in an industry filled with men, look hard and you'll find Audrey doing the same work, right along side of them.

"I go to school with a bunch of guys," Audrey Youvella said. "I work with nothing but guys, and I grew up with four brothers, so to me it's just normal."

Normal, but also not because she's one of only 14 women who work at Discount Tires in the Valley. She says it's a job that took six months to find, and during an interview with a potential employer, the reason for the long search was made very clear.

"It's hard for me to imagine someone like you, when you're dressed up and dolled up like that to be working," Youvella said.

A year ago, she took off her make up, pulled back her hair, and immediately got a job. It's a job that she knew she belonged in after growing up watching her single mother's constant struggles with cars.

"I was like, 'You know what, I want to go and learn about cars so that I can be able to fix it, instead of having someone else do it or someone rip me off,'" she said. "I wanted to educate myself and do it myself and I had the interest in cars, so I thought why not."

It's a thought she hopes more women will eventually have, and once they have it, she hopes they remember being a woman shouldn't overshadow anything else.

"Look at me as a tire tech, 'cause then when you do that you're separating me from the guys," she said.

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