Valley woman hopes her rare blood is a match for Florida girl battling aggressive cancer

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A two-year-old girl in Florida who's battling an aggressive form of cancer is in desperate need of a blood donor, but her blood type is so rare, they haven't been able to find a match.

Now, an Arizona woman is now hoping she can provide a life-saving blood transfusion for that little girl.

On Tuesday, Kshama Chandan got tested to see if she can provide blood to that toddler. This comes after a worldwide search to find blood donors for this little girl. Kshama just so happened to see a Facebook post about the little girl, identified as two-year-old Zainab, who is battling an aggressive form of cancer. Thousands of people have been tested, but so far, only three people have been viable.

Zainab needs a specific type of blood that only comes from those with Pakistani, Indian, or Iranian descent. Kshama, who lives in Phoenix, learned last year that she too has this extremely rare blood type called "Bombay Blood". Only one in 4 million people have it, and Chandan is hopeful she's a match.

"Hopefully. Fingers crossed. I'm hoping that my blood matches that girl," said Chandan.

Due to privacy laws, it may not be possible to find out of Chandan is a viable donor, but because her blood is so rare it will be stored in Vitalant's Rare Blood Center for another person that may need her type of blood.