Valley woman sees bobcat on top of Saguaro cactus

A woman says in her over 60 years of being in the Valley, she has never seen what she saw Monday morning.

On Monday, Nancy Houck posted a picture of a bobcat on top of a tall saguaro cactus on social media, where it received a lot of attention. According to Houck, her husband, Philip, and his friend were riding their bikes at around 8:00 a.m. at the Lost Creek Trail in Verrado when they spotted the bobcat.

The bobcat, according to Houck, was panting and was thin. Houck's husband and his friend were about to call Animal Control. but they were eventually able to coax the animal down by tossing rocks at it. The bobcat then ran off.

Houck said she moved to the Valley in 1953, and she has never seen anything like this, until Monday.