Waller Co. murder: New surveillance video captures alleged murder suspect stealing beer from convenience store

New surveillance video captured the moments after police say an alleged murder suspect killed his 21-year-old wife. 

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In the video provided to FOX 26, you can see 21-year-old Jared James Dicus walked into a convenience store just before noon Wednesday. In the video, convenience store workers said the time stamp on the video is off by about an hour. 

The video captured Dicus walk into the store, steal a beer, walk past the counter without paying, then open the beer in the parking lot. 

This all started Wednesday afternoon when Waller County deputies were called out to the home just after 4:15 p.m. 

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Further investigation revealed the woman was found inside a second home behind a residence in the 200 block of Oak Hollow Boulevard. 

Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry explained the scene during a news conference on Thursday. 

"It was a portion of a body dismembered and a residence that was covered in blood. So a gruesome scene at best," says Guidry.

Dicus was taken into custody upon the discovery of the 21-year-old woman. Guidry stated that Discus did not provide any kind of statement, but he later gave a confession to the murder. 

Guidry added that further investigation revealed the incident took place around 11 a.m. Wednesday. 

Sheriff Guidry says evidence shows a kitchen knife was used in the murder. 

"Everything happened on the property," said Guidry. "And all parts and pieces were recovered and submitted for evidence."

The motive behind the incident is still under investigation.