WATCH: What would you do if someone took your cell phone at a concert?

Alicia Keys is the latest artist making headlines for locking up cell phones so her concerts won't be filmed. But she has a solution satisfying to entertainers and the audience. Heard of "Yondr"?

Small gray pouches are handed out at the doors of the venues- and everyone has to put their phones inside. The case is locked so no one can pull out their phone during the show. Need to check your texts? Not a problem. Step outside the "phone-free" zone and they unlock the pouch with the tap of a metal disc.

Social media is a modern part of communication- and marketing, but comedians from Dave Chappelle to Louis C.K. have long protested having their performances recorded- so the Yondr is their go-to tool. A phone-free zone means they're able to try out new material, not have their punchlines immediately uploaded online, and it let's the audience take in the moment live- not through through the lens of their handheld devices.

Which makes us wonder- where else would we want to use Yondr in our own lives? On date night? Work meetings? Or what about the family dinner table? You may even talk to each other. The possibilities are endless.