WATCH YOUR KIDS AROUND WATER: Words that made a difference for families across Arizona

On Thursday, June 1, FOX 10's Dave Munsey will retire, after a career that spanned decades. For many years, water safety and drowning has been a mission that is close to Dave's heart.

Meanwhile, those on the front lines say they have a lot of gratitude for Dave's mission, as well as the difference has has made, in the lives of countless families across Arizona.

"I wish we could count how many lives he saved," said Tiffaney Isaacson with the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

For nearly 40 years, Dave has been active in drowning prevention programs across the Valley, having started the "Watch Your Kids Around Water" water safety program in 1980.

"13 years ago, friends of mine lost a child to a drowning incident," said Dave, in an old report. "Since then, I've made it a point to end my weather report with the warning."

"We've seen our numbers decrease over the past 20 years," said Captain Larry Subervi with Phoenix Fire Department. "Part of the reason for the decrease is the media trying to get our message out, and Dave has been on the forefront."

It may be impossible to measure the impact of Dave's message, but there is no question about its importance.

"Every single night, it's like clockwork, and it's a breath of fresh air for us to hear it every single time," said Cpt. Subervi. "He's going to be missed greatly."

"I'd like to say thank you to Dave Munsey," said Isaacson.