Will Novak, invited by mistake to Vermont bachelor party, now back in Phoenix

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Will Novak, the man who was accidentally invited to a bachelor party in Vermont, is now back in Phoenix.

The accidental attendee got a random invite that was originally meant for a similarly named man in New York, but the group decided to let the Will Novak from Phoenix come anyway. The accidental invite has since garnered national attention, and makes the bachelor's party arguably the most talked-about bachelor party ever.

Novak shared his ski-trip fun on his social media account.

Novak said he has had a blast with his new group of friends on the East Coast.

"A couple times on the chair lift when I was alone going up the ski mountain, I'd just be thinking for a moment, then all of a sudden people would start screaming at me like, 'Hey Will!'," said Novak. "Certainly surreal, strange, fun, I'm glad I did it. If anyone else wants to accidentally invite me to something I'll happily show up. I'm available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, whatever."

Now, Novak said he is excited to get home, and be with his wife and daughter. Originally, he plans on going in to work on Wednesday, but he said Tuesday night he might have to catch up on sleep.