Woman rollerblades across country thanks to kindness of strangers

Yanise Ho is going rollerblading. But she's not rollerblading to work or her apartment; she's already gone all the way from Miami to New York.

Ho set out on her trip with no money in her wallet, no support team, and a personal rule: Don't ask anyone for anything. All she carried with her was three changes of clothes, her laptop, and a lot of chargers. She got everything she needed -- from food to shelter -- through the unprompted kindness of others.

"There's not a day I slept in the street," she told Fox 5 New York. "There's not a day I went hungry."

So why did she do it?

"I really want to show that there's a lot of love and kindness in the world."

Ho has even managed to raise $10,000 on her 1,700-mile trip, to help young women finish secondary school in Kenya and Uganda.

As for what's next, Ho is far from done. She's planning on adding a tent and some camping gear and heading to Los Angeles. If you see her on the open road this summer, be sure to say hello!