Zane Grey's courtship letters to be auctioned

Love letters dating back to the early 1900's have been found. They belong to a well-known novelist who lived in Arizona.

It marks a time in history when cell phones were non-existent and lovers communicated through pen and paper.

"Those letters are really special to me because I got to see them when they were just found," said Josh Levine.

Levine is an auctioneer; he says these courtship letters belonged to Zane Grey, a famous novelist who was writing to his future wife, Lina Roth back in 1903.

"The process is fun, it's like treasure hunting," said Levine.

He said a Phoenix resident found these letters after cleaning out a storage shed.

"His brother had passed away, and he was cleaning out his storage locker," he said.

The letters contain drawings that depicted Grey's mood swings, and even shows a little jealously.

"There's one particular one that everyone goes to, and it's about getting her to a dance, and him not being okay with it. They were just courting, they weren't married or engaged yet," said Levine.

All 11 letters will be sold as a single collection and are expected to be sold for a minimum of $4,000-9,000.

"His signature album in a book would be $500-600," he said.

A high price for an irreplaceable item that can be yours if you're willing to fight for it.

An auction is scheduled for Thursday between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the J Levine Auction house off Scottsdale Road and Shea. Many items will be auctioned off along with the letters.

So far, 6,400 people are registered to bid.