Community meeting held for those affected by Woodbury Fire

MIAMI, Ariz. (FOX 10) - The biggest fire in Arizona remains the Woodbury fire. It's already forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents and has shut down a popular camping and boating area. The fire that started two weeks ago is being fueled by strong winds and low humidity.

The blaze, which started back on June 8, has charred more than 65,000 acres. More than 1,000 firefighters remain on scene trying to get a handle on this blaze. Right now, they only have it around 34 percent contained - that's less containment then they had last night at this time.

Joana Barrett lives east of where the Woodbury Fire is burning. Unfortunately, that's also where the wind is blowing. She joined dozens of other concerned people Friday night in Miami, Ariz. to try and fire out if she's in danger.

"When you look to the west, there's a mountain," Barrett said. "It looked like the flames were right there. Some of my neighbors, they can't get out because they don't have a vehicle or they're handicapped [and the] animals - they don't have a voice. Someone [has to] look out for them."

The Roosevelt area is the only place to be evacuated so far. Pat Rocha-Spencer had to leave and while it's been rough, she still came out to support the firefighters battling the fire - some of which are own family.

"I have faith in all of them because I know what they're capable of taking care of," Rocha-Spencer said. "And three of them are on the fire right now."

The fire continues to burn, painting the sky with a cotton candy smoky haze. But officials are confident things are under control. Nobody's been hurt and no structures have been lost. But people are in for a slow burn.

"It's really dry," said Rich Nieto, incident commander. "We're not looking at any monsoon or moisture coming in. The models don't say that - [we're] looking at the end of July, maybe."