Florida kayak tour company sending boats to Texas

Boats are in high demand in Houston as first responders deal with severe flooding. Now, a group out of Brevard County is heading to Texas to see if they can help.

Six guys and more than 50 kayaks from "A Day Away Kayak Tours" are on the road.

"The response that we got was, 'Please come, we need help,'" said Austin Mahan, who owns the Titusville business.

Even Houston Police tweeted information about how people with boats can volunteer. Thousands of rescue calls are coming in as Harvey wreaks havoc. Floodwaters have swallowed cars and homes, leaving a lot of people with nowhere to go.

"What I've been hearing is that a lot of the time people are coming in with prop boats and the prop boats are hitting debris, and so it's hard to mobilize a boat with a prop into an area with debris that has moving water - so that's where maybe a kayak has an advantage," Mahan said.

Mahan and co-owner Jeff Lenington say they got the group of employees together fast.

"We're at this point not even sure how much they're gonna be OK with us paddling around and towing people or if they want our boats - either way," Lenington said.

They know things could get dangerous, but they're going anyway.

"Everyone that's here signed up knowing we were going to be there for five to seven days and we can't guarantee safety, and at the end of the day, there are people that are not guaranteed safety right now and were fully signed up to go and see whatever we can do to help out," Lenington said.

The group says it's too big of a risk not to go. They need to see if their manpower and resources can make a difference.