From young to old, there is still hurricane anxiety

It is staggering to think of the numbers of people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The damage was widespread.

At Sunday church services across Southeast Texas, there were prayers for those who died, were hurt and lost homes and cars.

Because of tornado damage at New Covenant Full Gospel Baptist Church in Missouri City members had to have their service outside. It was hot and very humid. They rejoiced in song and prayer. Many of those prayers were about those who suffered.

At a nearby stately wedding reception center, some were cleaning up because that 35,000 square foot property was damaged. It's owned by a woman that owns the church's property, Tamara Smith.

She's had to cancel about ten weddings. The brides she called were devastated. She prayed at the church service too.

11-year-old Canada Dobbins is one of the church's littlest members, but on this day she had a big problem. Hearing about all of the bad stuff after seeing a week of it on TV she burst into tears during our interview worrying that her parents could get caught up in a flood.

The unintended consequences of a Hurricane named Harvey.