Monsoon? Valley has yet to see big storm activities 1 month into monsoon season

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The Valley is now officially one month into monsoon season, but Valley residents haven't seen a single big storm just yet, with areas to the north and south getting all the action.

"We're past the normal start date of the monsoon," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Jaret Rogers. "At least thunderstorm activity starts about July 4th. We're starting to see some thunderstorms develop mainly over the higher terrain surrounding Phoenix, but we haven't quite seen that thunderstorm activity move down to Phoenix quite yet."

The past couple of weeks have been looking more like a "nonsoon" in the Valley. Meanwhile, Tucson had some monsoon action over the weekend.

The reason for the Valley seeing little monsoon activity may lie in the perfect month of May the Valley experienced.

"There is some effect, especially in June, when we had cooler temps for a while," said Rogers. "The whole pattern just wasn't favorable for getting the really excessive heat in there in June that we usually see. Into this weekend and early next week, we might see a little in an increase in moisture, which would generally result in an increase in thunderstorms as well."