Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner holds fundraiser breakfast for Harvey victims

On Sunday morning, fans had the opportunity to have breakfast with Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner.

The reason behind this breakfast? Griner is a Houston native, and she's doing what she can to help a city devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

"I would hold it together during the day, and I would get home and just going through the pictures," Griner said. "I had friends that were helping people. They would FaceTime me while they were out there and just seeing everything, I kind of felt helpless cause I would have definitely been out there."

But because she couldn't be t here, she's here in Phoenix, posing with fans, signing autographs and sending the proceeds paid by fans to her hometown.

"I always want to support whenever there's a tragedy like that. And being able to combine that with helping Brittney cause she grew up there and has so much family there and so forth, it's really important that we all stick together," said MJ Hill, a fan.

Some fans traveled all the way from Dallas.

"Because we one, love WNBA basketball, and two, the Houston tragedy that's just taken our state by storm, we just want to take care of our fellow Texans," said another fan.

And here's Griner's message to the victims of Hurricane Harvey today:

"We have their back. I'm always going to do everything in my power to help my city out."