101-year-old hit by car at Prescott parking lot

Esther Dorsch is a survivor.

The Prescott Valley woman, who is 101 years old, is recovering, after she was hit by a car nearly a week ago. In surveillance video, it appears the driver didn't realize she had hit someone until several seconds later.

The collision happened at a supermarket parking lot in Prescott, and Dorsch is still in the hospital, fighting for her life.

"You would never know she was 101, ever," said Tracy Hampton, who is a friend of Dorsch. "She looked 80 and acted 40."

Last Wednesday, Dorsch drove to the grocery store to pick up some items, but she never made it inside. She was walking through the parking lot when she was hit by an SUV. Surveillance video shows the driver kept going after the impact, and realized seconds later that someone was underneath her car.

The 83-year-old driver reportedly told police she did not see Dorsch.

"The driver of the vehicle is really sorry it happened. She's having a hard time herself. No one wants to run anyone over," said Sgt. Jason Kaufman with Prescott Valley Police Department.

According to police, Dorsch was trapped underneath the SUV for several minutes, before firefighters were able to free her.

"It was upsetting," said Hampton. "Very upsetting to get to 101 years old and get hit by a car."

Hampton said Dorsch is an independent and active woman, with a lot of friends.

"She went to the computer room every day, get on Facebook, check her emails and surf the web," said Hampton. "She was with it. She was very young at heart and in mind. A modern 101-year-old with a driver's license and a Facebook page."

People are praying for Dorsch to pull through.

Police say they don't think foul play was involved in this collision.