2 boys become unlikely friends, 'blood brothers'

You could really call them blood brothers.

Five-year-old Aiden and 7-year-old Priyam met each other at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

They both have the same blood disorder where their body doesn't create blood on its own.

"They need to get blood transfusions done every three-to-four weeks," said Anju Singh, Aiden's mom. "There are not many people in the U.S. who have this."

Once a month, these two spend nearly an entire day in the hospital for a blood transfusion, but the bond they've created has helped make the time fly by.

"They play together with toys, they eat together, then even sit in the same chair together sometimes," Anju said.

The boys now look forward to their transfusions because that means they get to see each other.

"We take appointments together and we really don't want to miss and come alone because really time flies so fast and we need each other and especially with the kids because it's really hard," said Tina Erora, Priyam's mom. "They get bored, you know."

The moms know as the boys continue getting transfusions into their adult life, they'll continue making appointments together to help time pass by.

"Yeah, their friendship will remain forever," Tina said. "That's what I wish for."