A look into the Arizona's largest senior living community and its COVID-19 increase

One-third of all U.S. coronavirus deaths have been nursing home residents or workers.

There are new recommendations that all nursing home residents and staff be tested over the next two weeks.

FOX 10's Matt Rodewald looked into Glendale's senior living community, Glencroft Center for Modern Aging, who says they are Arizona's largest of its kind.

COVID-19 numbers are also on the rise at the community.

Glencroft in the West Valley announced 38 residents have tested positive and seven deaths has been as a result of COVID-19.

While testing is ramped up, it has not been mandatory nationwide in certain sectors, prompting questions at the White House Monday.

President Donald Trump answered the question of why he has not mandated testing among nursing homes in the US.

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"I would certainly consider that. I will mandate if you like, I think it's important to do and I think frankly some of the governors were very lax with respect to nursing homes. It was obvious from the very beginning, the state of Washington where 26 or 28 people died very early on, and I would have said nursing homes and I did say nursing homes, and I would certainly consider that."

Employees at the facility are not immune, with 31 testing positive and 15 having recovered been given the OK to return to work.

"I think all of the states should be doing it, they have the capacity to do it, they should be doing it ..." Trump said.

A spokesperson for the community canceled their interview Monday, but asked for FOX 10 to send questions. We've not heard back.