All in-office Arizona MVD appointments can be scheduled online

It's not easy to find someone who enjoys going to the Motor Vehicle Department, and it's mostly because trips to the MVD can take a lot of time.

The Arizona Department of Transportation hopes a new scheduling feature online cuts that time down. Arizonans can schedule any appointment now, and show up on time instead of waiting.

"You can complete more than 30 transactions at and that covers more than two-thirds of all the service that people need to do with this. Registration renewal, ordering a duplicate drivers license, a sold notice. Obviously, not everything can be completed online.. road test that’s in-person, driver’s licenses renewal that’s in person, Travel ID is in person," explained ADOT's Assistant Communication Director for Customer Outreach, Doug Pacey.

A majority of services don't require an in-office visit. Now, it's just getting the word out there that people might not need to make the trip.

"Pre-Covid, the wait times were really low, in the 20 minutes. People get in and out. Today, we offer more options to complete things online than we did a year ago, for people you probably don’t even have to go into an MVD office,” said Pacey.


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