How extreme heat can affect tires in Arizona

We're seeing a lot of tire treads on the freeways and roadways -- a sign of how brutal the extreme heat is to tires. FOX 10's Desiree Fluellen visits Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair in Phoenix to learn how to make tires last longer during the summer driving season.

Phoenix man is semi-finalist to have his car turned into Hot Wheels

You see Hot Wheels in the store, but imagine being able to turn your real-life car into one! Phoenix resident Stephen Briscoe is now getting that chance after entering his 1966 Homebuilt Novetta in the competition. If he wins, his car will be turned into a Hot Wheels die-cast car that will be sold worldwide at Walmart. FOX 10's Anita Roman has the story.

California DMV places Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ under review

California’s DMV is reviewing whether Tesla is violating a state regulation by advertising its vehicles as being fully autonomous without meeting the legal definition of self-driving. The probe comes amid several high-profile crashes nationwide — including a fatal wreck in California — involving Autopilot in recent weeks.

RV show happening May 6-9 at State Farm Stadium

RV trips have been popular during the pandemic and sales are still strong as get into the summer travel season. FOX 10's Desiree Fluellen gets a preview of an RV show happening this weekend at State Farm Stadium in Glendale.