It appears many Tesla owners don't know about the EV's manual door release

Arizona ranks 9th in the nation for the most registered electric vehicles with more than 84,000 EVs on Arizona roads.

Many of them are Teslas.

Telsa owner or not, you may have wondered what happens when EVs run out of power and the driver needs to get out?

We have the answer, but we asked Tesla owners if they did too, but many didn't.

"I have no idea," John Flanigan, a Tesla owner, said. "I’d probably be stuck. I have never given it any thought."

"I think I would have to call a friend. Yeah, I'd phone a friend and have them come get me. I've never even thought about having it towed in," Sherry Caforio said.

"Use my cell phone to call somebody," Jamie Perez said.

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In one instance, Mar Rosas got locked out of her Tesla.

"It was in sleep mode and I had to break a window because it wouldn't connect to the Wi-Fi. Lots of drama," Rosas said.

A shattered window, $500, and an upgraded system later, Rosas says no matter what car you drive, it all comes down to educating yourself.

"You have to be knowledgeable of your own vehicle. You're the owner of it, you know," she said.

Built-in safety feature

Close-up of flush-mounted, retracting door handle on Tesla automobile, San Ramon, California, September 21, 2020. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Many Tesla owners have safety devices that can be used to break a window. But it turns out, the manufacturer already has built-in safety features.

On both the driver and passenger side doors, there is a concealed lever right on the door panel that drivers can lift if their Tesla is ever out of battery.

The bottom line is knowing the safety features of your car can save lives.

Online Tesla owners' manuals have more information on how to use your manual door release. Each Tesla model has its own manual and instructions.