Amazon eyeing Christmas Tree deliveries

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- It's only September, but the countdown to Christmas has begun, at least for Amazon.

This year, the online retail giant is looking to help you get a fresh Christmas tree into your home, as they announce a plan to deliver live, seven-foot trees. Amazon is aiming to deliver the tree to your doorstep that was freshly cut 10 days before.

"Oh gosh, that might be okay if you live in Boston," said Jane Mitchell with Tim Mitchell Christmas Trees. "If you bring a 6 to 7-foot tall tree that has already been cut for 10 days to Arizona on the 20th of November, I can pretty much promise you it is not going to make it to anywhere near Christmas."

Not everyone hates the idea.

"I like it," said Tatum Rustenburg. "It's convenient."

For some, however, it's more about tradition.

"I like getting my own tree, picking my own tree out," said Jesse Chavez.

Mitchell did say, however, that she hopes different types of trees are used, in different parts of the country. Amazon officials say the trees will be Douglas Fits and Norfolk Island Pines. The trees will reportedly be shipped without water.