Amazon's treasure truck brings blast from the past to Phoenix shoppers

Phoenix had a surprising blast from the past on Friday, as Amazon's treasure truck rolled into town, carrying one of the hottest new gaming system that is flying off store shelves.

As the truck rolled into town, hundreds of people from across the Valley tracked down the truck to get in line.

The online retail company is turning the shopping experience into a block party with the treasure truck, with the key concept being the element of surprise.

"The treasure truck is going to be a truck that rolls around Phoenix a couple of times every month, with new and exciting offers," said Ernie Apreza.

Customers find out what's in the truck by signing up with Amazon for notifications. They use an app to buy the item, and then wait for another notification letting them know the time and location.

The treasure truck can pop up in any neighborhood.

"We clocked off work to come by," said one man, who only wanted to be identified as "Tony". "It's been amazing. It's really cool."

On Friday, on the treasure truck's first stop in Phoenix, they surprised customers with a throwback from the past.

"Classic NES," said one woman, referring to the new version of the classic Super Nintendo system. The console is hard to find on store shelves.

"My husband sent me over here from Mesa," said one woman.

"If you were a 90s kid, this is definitely a very exciting day," said Apreza.

Along with the pop-up store, the crew brings a party, complete with music and games. The treasure truck was at 44th Street and Indian School on Friday.