Animal Control officer in surgery after attack by rottweiler in Chandler

CHANDLER, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- A Maricopa County Animal Care and Control officer is in the hospital, following a dog attack.

The incident happened, while officer Rick Alva was trying to impound the dog. The dog, named Rocky, was involved in an incident in September, where it attacked someone at a nursing home. Following the incident, the rottweiler was ordered confiscated, per a court order.

Upon arrival, witnesses say the owner, Larry Jerdee, opened the door while making no effort to restrain his Rocky. According to reports, the dog attacked Alva, biting him on the forearm. The dog later let go, and then went after Alva again, this time refusing to let go.

A Chandler Police officer eventually shot the dog. The extent of the dog attack was captured in graphic photos.

People living nearby say they never saw issues.

"As far as I could see, he and his dog, they were friendly with each other," said Beverly Tate. "I never saw the dog get aggressive or crazy, but I would see the man with his dog all the time."

The dog reportedly has had some history, having bitten three people in the past year or so. The first was in June of 2017, and in February 2018, the dog bit a person twice on the ankle and thigh. The most recent incident in September led to the court labeling Rocky as vicious.

Meanwhile, Alva is in stable condition, and according to the latest updates, Alva was in surgery. The dog's remains are being tested for Rabies, and charges have been filed against the owner.