Animal whisperer: woman helps trouble pups find help

Krista Cantrell has worked with everyone from veterinarians to racehorse trainers to rein-in unruly animals, and heal those who've been hurt or abused. She says that animals speak to her and that her ability to connect with them and build confidence can change an animal's life.

"Hands should bring relief, they should bring contentment, they should bring safety, they should bring healing," said Krista Cantrell.

Krista Cantrell is healing with her hands using the ancient art of Chi-Gong on this beautiful horse, Aspen. Just five months ago, Aspen was un-trainable and had broken someone's arm. Now she runs without a lead, stopping with simple, gentle command.

Krista is a Cognitive Animal Behaviorist, who works with horses, dogs and cats. She's also a whisperer, who says she can hear animals speak.

"I live an urban fairytale, I actually hear a voice in my head as clear as yours right now," she said.

Using telepathy, Krista gets to the heart of bad behaviors. 14-year-old Pip was once a fearful, snapping pup. Thanks to Krista, he's been completely rehabilitated, winning multiple agility titles. With all her clients, Krista leads with love using positive reinforcement.

"So when she's afraid I'm going to counter that with fun," said Cantrell.

Her gentle, but firm approach has pups eager to please in the agility ring. And it's left horses like Aspen finally willing to trust.

"When we listen to the horse, or the dog, or the cat, and they listen to us then I think miracles happen," she said.

Krista says she does not have telepathy with humans, just animals. She helps clients on a one-on-one basis and offers classes.