Arias sentencing retrial continues, psychologist returns to stand

Dr. Geffner testified in detail today... looking into the contents of Travis Alexander's messages to not just Jodi Arias... but other girls.messages which veered from flirtatious to frankly sexual in nature.

He also testified about Jodi' Arias' attempts to break up with Travis, only to seek to reunite with him.

This afternoon there was a nearly hour-long sidebar battle between prosecutor Juan Martinez and the Arias defense team over affidavits from witnesses the defense team wants to use to try to convince a jury that Jody's life should be spared.

Finally Dr. Geffner started reading from those affidavits. In one, a witness said he saw Travis Alexander holding former girlfriend Deanna Reed down on a couch...saying "get it out of your "bleeping" head I won't marry you."

A witness in another affidavit said Travis admitted to him that he had child pornography on his computer and said it was because he had been
assaulted at the age of 12 by an older adolescent.