Arizona animal shelter cares for dog found muzzled for weeks

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Just two weeks ago, 2-year-old Pixie was found wandering around a small town outside of northeast Arizona.

"As far as we know, nobody was able to find the owner and it was just kind of a group of good Samaritans around town that saw this dog with a muzzle on and was like, 'oh my gosh,'" said Dr. Matthew Goetz, a veterinarian at the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Her condition was horrific. Before being rescued and taken into the care of the AAWL, the German Shephard mix had a muzzle strapped down over her face and snout.

Doctors believe she was most likely abused, malnourished and scared. It was obvious she hadn't had food or water in weeks.

"When she came to us, she was a little underweight, obviously, and then when you look at her face, you'll see she has marks where the muzzle was on her," Dr. Goetz said. "She was really lucky that someone was able to trap her and get that muzzle off so she could start eating because, obviously, she probably would've starved to death, especially with all the snow they've had up north now."

Since Pixie had no tags and was not microchipped, the animal welfare league has not been able to locate her owner.

However, she is now in much better spirits.

"She's still a little shy, "Dr. Goetz said. "You have to be careful how you approach her, but once she gets comfortable with you, she's a great dog."

In the meantime, specialists at the shelter are helping Pixie to fully regain her confidence, where they expect she will make a full recovery.