Arizona lawmakers working to pass bill allowing to-go cocktails

It was allowed earlier on in the pandemic, but now an Arizona lawmaker is working to allow bars and restaurants to serve cocktails to go after sales were shut down when a judge said it was illegal.

House Bill 2773 was introduced to help the struggling hospitality industry as it's no secret it's been tough for the restaurants and bars working to pay their mounting bills while limiting occupancy.

The bill was introduced to help with those pressures.

"Think margaritas, rum pots or a Mai Thai in a secure container that they are selling to go," says Rep. Jeff Weninger introducing the bill, adding, "This was a lifesaver to bars and restaurants to help their revenue and we saw consumers and my constituents embraced it and liked it."

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Restaurants and bars agree.

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States on Wednesday applauded the bill saying it will increase consumer convenience and support businesses devastated by the pandemic.

Matt Fulton, the owner of The Whining Pig in Phoenix adds that the bill, if passed, will help customers who feel nervous to be in a social setting during the pandemic.

"It is ready for pick up and they just go off and have the experience in our establishments at home," Fulton said.

As the industry moves from survival to recovery, restaurant and bar owners say this added revenue stream will help them stay afloat.

The bill had its first reading on Wednesday and it still needs to go through the state House and Senate before it potentially gets passed.

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