Arizona road rage murder suspect tracked down in Michigan

Phoenix Police have made an arrest in a 2021 homicide case after the suspect was found in Michigan.

On Dec. 9, Stella Montes was shot while driving in the area of 7th Avenue and Beardsley Road.

The shooter fled the scene, but police continued to investigate the case. Detectives traveled to Michigan and worked with local law enforcement to track down the suspect.

He was arrested and is now awaiting extradition back to Arizona. Police say his name will be released once he is booked into jail in Phoenix.

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Witnesses describe hearing the shooting

Esther Ceballos took a video of the scene unfolding, not knowing a shooting happened.

"Never, never, never seen anything like that," said Ceballos. "Yeah, car accidents, but never like this."

Ronda Germanson works in an office close by and said her coworkers heard gunshots.

"I had my boss and a few people who were in a conference room on the north side, and they heard three pops. They thought it was a muffler," said Germanson.

Residents and employees in the area were shaken up by what happened.

"We've never had this ever here, so it's scary," said Germanson.

Kari Lyn, who lives near the crime scene, said she and members of her family were at home when the shooting happened. "My son and I were in the backyard playing. It was about 1:54 in the afternoon. I heard five gunshots go off," Lyn said.

She tried to make sure everyone was safe. She didn’t know what was going on at the time but saw the aftermath.

"I heard somebody screaming on the other side of the wall. My neighbor ran up and over to try and help. I drove around to see if I could help, and there was already an officer trying to resuscitate her," said Lyn.