Arizona travelers headed to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut asked to quarantine for 14 days

The tables have turned. Visitors from Arizona will have to quarantine if they travel to New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

Arizona required the same measure back in April for people coming here from those states. As of now, that would apply to travelers from nine states, including Texas, Arizona, and Florida.

There are expensive fines if your visit causes harm to others.

“I’ll like to give her a hug before her surgery just in case something were to happen,” said Shannon Dzieciuch, who was planning to visit her mother in New York before she undergoes emergency surgery on Monday.

“I was going to go and fly, but my husband didn’t want me to get on a plane, and so I thought if I could drive, I can minimize contact with anybody driving pretty easily. You stay isolated if you travel by car,” said Dzieciuch.

However, things changed once New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a travel advisory, requiring people traveling to New York from other states with high COVID-19 cases to be put in a 14-day quarantine.

“I just didn’t want to mess up my mom’s opportunity to have her surgery, if some chance like, ‘wait a minute. You have an out-of-town guest,’ because she has some strict stuff she has to follow,” said Dzieciuch.

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Dzieciuch says she hasn’t seen her mom since August 2019. Although she misses her dearly and wishes she could be by her side, she’s doing what’s best for all right now.

“Still talking to her every day,” said Dzieciuch. “Trying to keep the memory of the last time I hugged her at the Las Vegas Airport in my mind, so that I won’t forget in case that was the last time.”

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