ASU gives back in 'Ditch the Dumpster' program

They're the things college students have but don't know what to do with when it's time to go home.

We're talking bowls, clothing and even their precious microwaves.

It's all getting dropped off here on campus to be donated into the community.

"Otherwise, a lot of freshman would just throw their stuff away because they wouldn't know what else to do with it," said Meg Myers, a freshman at Arizona State University.

Meg is just one of thousands of ASU students participating in ASU's Ditch the Dumpster program.

The goal is to recycle and prevent waste, while everyone moves out. It's a goal that assistant director Alana Levine has seen students reach since the program's inception in 2009.

"We have students that come from all over the world and the things they utilize here on campus can't necessarily go home with them," she said.

Things like hangers, bedding, cleaning products and electronics.

"We also set up bins that are for non-perishable food, which goes into local food banks," Levine said.

Seventy-eight tons of donated items were collected last year, a total of 460 tons over the past seven years.

"We have laundry baskets, clothing... looks like we have some bed risers that are in there," she said.

These bins will fill up as everyone moves out, an alternative to throwing things away that Meg says just seems natural.

"Because it's, there's no point in letting it go to waste when you can share it with others," she said.