Auction to be held for rare Andy Warhol piece owned by Alice Cooper in Scottsdale

Rock legend Alice Cooper plans to auction off a rare piece of art: an Andy Warhol piece that will be up for bidding in October at a Scottsdale auction.

"It's from his death and disaster series. Probably one of the most prominent images from the death and disaster series, and it's in excellent condition," said Scott Larsen, Managing Director of Larsen Gallery.

Cooper received the silkscreen print, titled 'Little Electric Chair,' as a gift from an ex-girlfriend back in the early 70s.

"She knew that I used the electric chair in a show at that point, and she saw him doing the electric chair, and she said I'll have one of those for Alice and so she bought it for my birthday," said Cooper.

Cooper says he hung it up for a while, but when he moved, he put the print in a tube and forgot about it for three decades.

"You're so busy in your career, you're not thinking about the art world at all. You're thinking about what's the next record, what's the next album," said Cooper.

It wasn’t until one day a few years ago when discovered the art print in his garage.

"I support Arizona in everything I do. Solid rock, everything is about Arizona, and you know, the art scene here is amazing," said Cooper.

Larsen says the value of the artwork is estimated at $2.5 million to $4.5 million.

"It can be the highest-priced painting sold in Arizona, dependent upon on where it sells," said Larsen.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation.

Larsen Art Auction

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