Baseball bond; Archie Bradley and teen hit by line drives on the same day

It's been a week since Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Archie Bradley was struck in the face with a line drive, during a game against the Colorado Rockies.

His teammates and fans were holding their breath as he lay on the mound in obvious pain.

Bradley was left with a pretty big welt on his face, but there's good news, he's expected to be back playing next week.

He still has a few more days of recovery, and there's someone in the valley who certainly felt his pain.

A young boy suffered a similar injury on the very same day; it's created a unique bond between the two.

14-year-old Nicholas Shumaker took a line drive to the face while playing with his Moon Valley High School Team. As he was recovering, he got a big surprise from Archie Bradley from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

"They hit a line drive right to me, and I put my glove up to catch it, and I just lost track of the ball... I had three broken bones in my nose, and I cracked both of my orbital bones," said Nick Shumaker.

With a risk of infection, Nick had to undergo emergency surgery at Phoenix Children's Hospital. While he was recovering unbeknownst to him, his doctors were working on the big surprise.

"The door opened and I thought it was going to be my doctor to take my vitals and stuff again, and I saw Archie Bradley, and it like made my day or my whole year, it was really cool," said Shumaker.

The family said Archie stayed for an hour taking baseball and offering up some tips. He even brought signed memorabilia including a jersey, a ball, and his rookie card.

The two shared stories about their facial injuries and comparing black eyes. The family said it was a small gesture on the part of Archie that has made a big impact for this young baseball player.

"I'm ready to go back to play; I'm not going to stop doing what I love to do," he said.

Nick is doing much better after his surgery. Tuesday was his first day back to school after the incident.

The family wants to thank Archie and the doctors from PCH for making this happen.