'Blocking the box' can cost you cash and points on your license

It's not unusual to hear horns honking during the peak of season in Sarasota. Everyone has somewhere to go.

"We are driving way different now," said Alanna Keddie.

In Sarasota, officers are keeping an extra eye on drivers who 'block the box' - drivers who sit in the middle of the intersection after trying to make it through a red light, but getting trapped due to a backup.

"I just weave around them. They don't know what they are doing around here," said Keddie.

Blocking the box can cause a big headache for everyone on the road.

"They don't want to wait at the red light. They don't want to get stuck at a green light. They don't want to wait period so they pull through into the middle of the intersection by doing that it then block people going the opposite direction," said Officer Jason Frank.

Officer Jason Frank with the Sarasota Police Department said one driver's actions can cause a big back up.

"What people don't understand is one small problem is a domino effect down the road for several other drivers," he said.

Police are helping drivers understand, by hitting them in the wallet. If you get caught blocking the box, a citation will cost you $166 and it'll add a few points to your license.

"It's an instance where your lack of planning, and pulling out into the intersection before you can properly and safely pull through, causes someone else to become aggravated," said Officer Frank.

Being aggravated on the road is never a good thing, but Officer Frank said using your judgment to keep the roadways flowing is the smart way to drive.

"The bigger the city gets the more people are going to be here the more potential problems with people blocking the box.," said Officer Frank.