Bringing alternative treatments to other former football players

He's a former NFL quarterback with his share of bumps and bruises. Now, Don Horn sits on the board of a Scottsdale wellness center, bringing stem cell treatments to other former football players, war veterans, and anyone else who wants an alternative to surgery.

"I tell people 2/3 of my career, I back up future hall of fame quarterbacks, Bart Star and Dan Fouts, wrong place at the wrong time," said Horn, who was a national collegiate champion at San Diego State in 1966, and a first round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers.

Back in 1967, the draft was a simpler matter.

"No studio or brights lights," said Horn. "I had a radio."

Like many NFL players, the aches and pains of a football career caught up with him.

"In the old days, they would shoot us up and give us these pills to keep us in the game," said Horn. "20 30, 40 years later, we are breaking down."

Six years ago, another player told Horn about stem cells, and he was treated at a center in Colorado.

"I had it done on me, and had some great results on me," said Horn.

So good, in fact, that Horn formed the Board of Directors.

"If we can help an athlete that's beat up, what can you do for the general public?" said Horn.

It's not just professional athletes who are treated here. One man was in to get a stem cell shot in his shoulder. Stem cells have shown a remarkable ability to heal, as they are the body's own building blocks. Doctors say sometimes they just need a little help.

"We put it through our PRP machine, run it, we clean the cells," said Jared Dimakos. "We are able to take it out and put it back in the body then and there."

Premiere offers different kinds of stem cell treatments, from PRP that's made from your own blood, to stem cells harvested from your bones. You can even boost your stem cell count by spending some time in a Hyperbaric Chamber.

"With our actual stem cell injections, when this is incorporated three times before and after the injections, the cells are known to grow up to eight times greater," said Dimakos.

It doesn't work for everyone, however.

"7 out of 10 people have good positive results," said Horn.

It did, however, work good enough for Premiere to reach out to veterans groups, giving wounded warriors an alternative to surgery.

"We were the first stem cell provider in the country that is approved by the VA," said Horn.

Horn, who also spent six years in the Army Reserve, wants to give back, and he wants to get people of all walks back on their feet.

"It's the future of medicine I think," said Horn.

The FDA compliant stem cell procedures at Premiere Regenerative, and depending on the kind of procedure, it costs about $7,000 for three injections. Insurance will not cover it, because it's still considered experimental.

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