Buckeye police, firefighters help build playset for 5-year-old girl who's battling cancer

A sweet surprise for a pint-sized warrior deserving all of the fun her little heart can handle.

Five-year-old Andrea Ortega spent several weeks in the hospital battling a rare form of cancer, causing tumors in her bladder. But while she's back home, Buckeye first responders and non-profit, Roc Solid Foundation, came together to return something they believe belongs to her.

"Unfortunately, the first things[sic] that's taken from a child is the gift to play and that's why these playsets are so important," said Eric Newman, founder and CPO of Roc Solid Foundation.

The group's hope -- building this new playset -- will help her fight against cancer.

"It's even more close and dear to our hearts because our guys are dealing with cancer in the fire service and we get to see what our guys go through and they have to deal with, I could only imagine, what it does to little kids," said Matt Thomas of the Buckeye Fire Department. "So this opportunity is awesome and something we definitely wanted to be apart of."

And re-gift Andrea's ability to laugh and play again, as any child should.