Arizona Crime Files: Sept. 9-16

Our top crime stories for the week of Sept. 9: A former Buckeye teacher arrested after alleged 'inappropriate relationship' with a student; a pastor accused of brokering trafficked patients in a sober living scheme; two women accused of stealing from seniors at Scottsdale grocery stores; a Sunnyslope parent arrested during fight at school; and an 'armed and dangerous' fugitive apprehended in Coolidge.

Car in Buckeye Valley canal

A car was dredged from a canal along Old Highway 80 in Buckeye Valley, but authorities discovered that no one was inside.

Watch: Dust devil shoots up into the Buckeye sky

A FOX 10 viewer named David Ford captured a big dust devil in Buckeye. You can see the dust devil moving like a snake for a bit, until it begins to dissipate. The National Weather Service explains more.

2 kids hurt in Buckeye crash

Four people, including two children, were hurt in a crash on Sunday near Broadway and Oglesby Roads. The victims' conditions are currently unknown. It's unclear what caused the crash.