California mom, daughter chases down, wrestles burglary suspect: report

Talk about picking the wrong house.

Authorities in Granite Bay, Calif., on Sunday said a mother and daughter duo chased down a burglary suspect and wrestled him after they drove up to their home and saw that it had been ransacked, reports said.

Julie Rux told Fox 5 San Diego that she did not think twice about giving him chase, but admitted it "was probably not the smartest thing to do" after police told her he was armed at the time with a.38 he lifted from her home.

The suspect was identified as Richard Holesapple, who police said managed to escape the mother-daughter duo. He was arrested hours later in the area, the report said. Authorities said he left his backpack at her home and the backpack had an ID.

He was booked on burglary and other charges and his bail was set at $615,000.

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