Car crashes into Phoenix home, impairment suspected

A big scare occurred in one Phoenix neighborhood after a car crashed into a home during the middle of the night near 5th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard.

The car involved, according to reports, smashed into a home office within the house.

"We were grateful we were not in here," said Kevin Zalizniak. "We were sleeping. It was about midnight, and my partner woke me up, yelling up here in the front office that someone was in the house."

No one was injured in the crash. Officials said the driver involved initially ran off but was later caught by the police.

Authorities say that impairment played a role in the crash.

Neighbors express concerns

This is not the first time a car has crashed into the home in question, and neighbors are worried about their safety.

"We walk with my grandson every day, and this traffic-calming is, you know, take your life into your own hands because people don't pay attention," said Libby Cohen.

Zalizniak said when the rebuilding process starts, they will put heavier stones around their property.

"We love this house. We've lived here for about 10 months, so we were just getting settled in. I was just sending pictures to my parents that the study was almost finished and organized just literally last week, but you know, it's just stuff, and we can replace it and get it fixed, and I'm grateful that we can," said Zalizniak.

Where it happened