Caught on camera: Man with one leg helps car crash victims

An incredible act was caught on camera: a man in a wheelchair rushed in to help people trapped in a crashed car.

"This man right here is a hero. This accident just happened, upside down car... there was three people stuck in it."

The aftermath of a car crash was caught on camera and a witness is calling that man in a wheelchair a hero for what he did in the moments after the collision.

The man who took cell phone video of the incident, Angel Newman, tells us the man who had just one leg didn't hesitate to help. He says this man, along with all the others who stepped in to help prove there is still some good in the world.

Last Wednesday around 2:30 p.m., Newman was pumping gas near the intersection of 43rd Avenue and Roosevelt. As he was about to pay for the fuel, he heard the crash.

"I looked around to see who was going to help and I just took off running to go over and help and a few people got out of their car, you know everyone got together to do what they could to help," he said.

Several people went to help the victims of the rollover crash.

"He jumped out of his wheelchair, with one leg and he climbed into that car after we busted the windows. I think it might of been him that cut the seatbelts, but he was back there pulling the people out of the car," said Newman.

In the cell phone video Newman shot after helping everyone get out safely, you can see the man sitting on the curb while letting one of the victims of the crash sit in his wheelchair.

"This man right here is a hero," said Newman. "This accident just happened. Upside down car, three people stuck in it, this car too. This man jumped inside the truck, busted the windows. We were all here, but this man broke the windows. Thank God and thank this man."

Newman doesn't know this man, but he's seen him around. He's hoping to see him again to thank him for his bravery that day.

"He had one leg and I was like, wow, this man, he went above and beyond to try to help these people. There were people standing right next to him that didn't even help. This guy, he put his life at risk and did what he had to do."

We're told in that rollover crash, there was a man and woman, along with a 14-year-old. They were all okay. Newman says he's been looking around the area for the man in the video and hopes to run in to him soon.