Chandler Police: Suspect caught on camera crashing into wall, trying to open car doors in neighborhood

Chandler police are trying to track down the person breaking into cars in a neighborhood.

Michael Salls showed FOX 10's Matt Galka the damage to his retaining wall at his house near Elliott and the Loop-101 in Chandler.

His neighbor's security camera captured the moment when an unknown person crashed into the wall, but he didn't stop there.

"There has to have been something wrong with this person," Salls said. "After he struck the wall, he got out of the vehicle and started walking through the neighborhood trying to open peoples' vehicle doors."

The suspect proceeded to try and open parked car doors in the early morning hours on Thursday. He can be seen walking through different driveways.

"At least the neighbors all caught video of it. Also, so it's not only my neighbors straight across that caught video of the vehicle striking the wall, but it's several neighbors in the neighborhood with their Ring cameras and picked up the individual going through different vehicles and whatnot," Salls said.

Chandler Police has all of the security video and they're investigating.

Salls keeps his doors locked so nothing was taken. However, his wall will need some work.

"I had a contractor come out to take a look and give me a quote. It's a little over $1,000 to have the wall repaired," Salls said.

And insurance won't cover it.

Salls says he knows of one neighbor who had their car unlocked and rummaged through, but he doesn't think anything was actually taken.