Chandler students head back to school

It feels like summer just started, but for the Chandler Unified School District, it is already over.

A tradition for many of us is taking a picture in front of school on the first day back.

"We're just excited for all the learning that is going to take place, and getting back with friends, getting back into the schedule which we're very excited about," said one parent.

With fresh school supplies and classmates, some Shumway first graders say bring on the addition and subtraction.

Learning math and hands on activities are the favorites.

Chandler Police say they are beefing up patrols in school zones. They're warning parents to slow down and pay attention in crosswalks.

"The speed is a problem, and also parking and passing in the school zones is a big problem," said Chandler Police Lieutenant Scott Veach.

Students in the Chandler district are the first to head back to class because of a modified schedule in the city.