City of Chandler to ban use of temporary outdoor patios in downtown area

In 2020, the City of Chandler allowed bars and restaurants to build outdoor patios to help them with capacity limitations brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Fast forward a year, officials with the East Valley city now agree the structures need to come down.

Officials say the patios set up in Downtown Chandler were always meant to be temporary. By May 31, the patios will no longer be able to be used. City officials are giving businesses a grace period to take them down. The structures will have to come down by July.

Businesses hope to make them permanent

"It basically livened it up. It made us feel like a small, bright downtown community," said Kami Nunez, a partner of Bourbon Jacks.

Nunez says she's sad to see the patios go, but understands the city's decision.

Meanwhile, city officials say they are considering a seasonal option, since the patios have been so popular and successful.

City looking at options

"That would allow is to take advantage of the really nice months while also allowing the city to do the things it needs to do, like maintenance and other things down here during the summer months," said John Owens with the City of Chandler.

The city will take input and try to develop a future plan. It is something Nunez is excited for.

"I think it’s a good time for us to sit down as a community to find out what works for us as a community and diversify it and make it work for all of us," said Nunez. "So not just the restaurants, but the retailers, for all of us to stand out."

A meeting between the city and businesses is set to take place on May 27.

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