Charges dropped against Arizona animal abuse suspect: Here's what to know

It's a case that has sent shockwaves Arizona, as well as creating a firestorm of controversy on social media. Here's what you should know about a police investigation in the Phoenix area that include allegations of animal abuse, in addition to allegations of abuse involving a vulnerable adult.

April McLaughlin in court following animal abuse allegations

April McLaughlin, the woman accused of dozens of counts of animal abuse in Maricopa County, made her initial court appearance after she was arrested on Sept. 23. For some time, animal advocates and neighbors in Chandler have been demanding action, saying dozens of dogs with special needs are being neglected and living in filth. On the night of Sept. 22, several dogs were removed from the home.

Suspect accused of shooting teens in Chandler

A teenage suspect has been arrested in connection to a shooting at a park near McQueen Road and Galveston Street that left two other teens hurt. One of the victims, a 15-year-old boy, was shot in his leg. The extent of the second victim's injuries is unknown. The suspect is accused of aggravated assault and weapons charges.

Arizona girl with a passion for karate aims for gold

When you think of Arizona, karate may not come to mind. But, that's changing thanks to a 12-year-old Valley girl. With every karate-chop, she's getting closer to her dream of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. FOX 10's Steve Nielsen has her story.