#ClearTheList: Communities, strangers, celebrities helping teachers with classroom supplies in viral campaign

It started in early June and has grown as communities and strangers are reaching out to help teachers do something the state is too broke to do: give clasroom teachers supplies.

Callie Reedy teaches 2nd grade at Alta E. Butler School in Phoenix and she is among hundreds of teachers across the country raising school supplies for this school year on Twitter using #ClearTheList.

Reedy has tweeted her list and linked it to Amazon. You drop it in the basket if you want to pay for it.

She has spent her own money, but sh ealso has received supplies from strangers who want to help her clear the list.

"From like chapter books, to hand sanitizer, to manipulatives for my classroom," Reedy said.

Reedy says she's not surprised strangers want to help a teacher.

"It doesn't surprise me because we've all had that one teacher that makes a difference with their life, and I think that's a lot of the reasons as to why people are wanting to give back because someone has influenced them that much," Reedy said.

FOX 10 found that to be true on the streets of Phoenix.

"I think the idea is great. You know, the more that gets out there, the better off for all the kids in school right now," said Anton Williams, a Phoenix resident.

"Sometimes, they're not provided with the essentials they need, so teachers come out of procket and one thing we need to do is get behind our teachers and help them in any way possible," said Rick Gomez, a Phoenix resident.

If you're an Arizonar resident and you're on Twitter, you can help #ClearTheList here.