Close call: Family dog narrowly escapes bobcat attack

A dog narrowly escapes while being attacked by a bobcat in Ahwatukee. The dog's owner is now sharing his story.

Allen Gobel says he's lived in Ahwatukee for 25 years and he's never spotted a bobcat. Although there's been reports of recent sightings in the area, it was the first time coming face-to-face with one.

Gobel walked us through what happened that Friday night. His dog, Sandy, was playing in the yard while he was inside watching TV until he knew something wasn't right.

"The [bobcat] was getting ready to sit back here and ready to pounce," Gobel said. "I heard a cat noise and thought [Sandy] was fighting with a cat behind the house again and then I heard her doing some growling, and that's not common."

Gobel got up to check what was going on. Sandy quickly ran inside and Gobel became face-to-face with a bobcat.

"It casually went down to the other end," Gobel said. "[I] pushed it into the cat and knocked it over to the other yard."

Gobel says the scuffle between his dog and bobcat lasted about 15 seconds.

"When I took the collar off, there was blood on it, and then I turned on the other side and I go, 'Okay, we're gone,'" Gobel said.

Gobel immediately took the 4-year old Yorkie to the hospital where she spent two nights. She had bite marks on her body and was left with a couple of stitches around her neck.

This sweet pup is doing a lot better and is happy to be back home; however, Gobel knows this won't be the last time they come across a bobcat.

"They don't go out unless I go out," Gobel said.

Arizona Game and Fish says these animals will continue to come out until they feel scared or threatened. If you do come across a bobcat, you should keep your distance and slowly walk away. If possible, spray the bobcat with water or make loud noises.