Come rain or shine, Phoenix Arts Festival will go on as planned

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A wet end to the week in the Valley could have rained out the Phoenix Arts Festival in downtown Phoenix, but with sunshine now in the forecast, a few scattered clouds won't stop this show from going on.

"We always have the best weather for these shows because this is the best show in all of Arizona!" Nancy Nowak Utceh said.

Organizers say the rain left the festival grounds damp but still expect a big turnout this weekend.

"It affects it a little bit, we do have large covered areas in the festival grounds, so if it does start to sprinkle at all during the weekend there's plenty of entertainment to take in while it sprinkles, but it's looking real clear right now... we're lucky," said Lauren Henschen, director of the Phoenix Arts Festival.

With today kicking off the start of the arts festival, artists and other vendors are hopeful the weather this weekend won't disappoint.

"It's beautiful out, I mean I'm really excited for the day," Michael Sampson said. "The sun is out. There's some clouds in the sky, but it just adds to the landscape. It was beautiful driving in and I'm looking forward to today."